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Flash Fiction or Bust!

My guest host today is...

Emily Walker, a new friend, who introduced me to Flash Fiction. Emily is a talented author with a delightful sense of humor and an adventurous spirit.  I know you will enjoy her post. Please, visit her links below & show her some love.

Self Publish or Die 
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First of all Scarlett, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to post on your beautiful blog! Now hopefully you will leave this post not only knowing what Flash Fiction is, but also excited about it!

I have started a couple of Flash Fiction groups on Face book and Book Blogs. I must say the blog owner; Miss Scarlett is quite good at it. You will get to see a sample at the bottom of this post that includes a Flash composed by my friend, Scarlett,  Reflective Bookworms, and me, and then I will give you a prompt that you can comment on to try it out yourself!

Let’s first look at the benefits of an occasional flash. As a writer you have to work on your skills. The only way to get better at writing is to write. Flash fiction is under 1000 words so you can think of it like a writing exercise. You can also use it as a way to test the waters with some genres that you might not be that familiar with, and see how you like it.

Here are some things to think about when writing Flash Fiction:

  • -     Don’t take it too seriously; it is supposed to be quick. Make it good, but don’t over analyze.
  • -     Don’t make it too complex, you have to get to the point quickly so don’t kill yourself
  • -    Don’t worry about the word count. It can be three sentences as long as the story is told.

Some Great Flash Fiction Resources
Flash Fiction: What's It All About?

A Sample of Our Flash

This was the original prompt:
The Flash looked up in the sky; it looked like the clouds were on fire. Everywhere he looked there was destruction. He shook his fist at the city."How could you have let this happen?"

This was the first response posting.  I started it off just to help out with the flow:

The people down below looked up at Thomas Reedy.
"He's at it again in his crazy flash suit."
They shook their heads as they walked past. Thomas continued to yell from the roof of his building."You will all pay!"
He shot off another firework and watched the heavens erupt again. The world he lived in was far better than the world that they were living in.
Who cared if he was crazy?
Courtesy: Emily Walker

This was the second response to my posting, and moves our story forward:
Lottie Carmichael raced through the gawping bystanders, pushing and shoving as hard as she could."Stop, Thomas, Stop!" she yelled as a man with a briefcase knocked into her. Being the only person who had any hope of calming him down, the responsibility weighed heavily on her shoulders and threatened to overwhelm her. Finally free of the crowd, she heaved open the glass door to the building and started the gruelling ascent up the gleaming staircase. But would it be too late.
Courtesy: Reflective Bookworm

And third:
“I just Scotch-Guarded this spandex.  It’s flammable! “He pulled his secret-stash of Hot-Enough-to-Kill-Ya Barbecue Chips from beneath his cape.  “Oh, well.”  He dusted off a spot on the bench, sat down, sprayed hand sanitizer on his glove and dug into his bag of chips, loving the sting and burn of all the nitrates and synthetic crap that made his tongue sweat and was sure to give him heartburn. “What are you looking at?”  He raised his brows to match the set of the pursed-lipped woman staring at him. “Haven’t you ever seen someone eat a chip?” 
Those lips stretched thin when she stuck her squarish chin forward. “A real super hero wouldn’t be sitting here, talking with his mouth full.  He’d do something!” She retorted.
Courtesy: Scarlett Rains

Then it took on a mind of its own from this point:
"Well real superheroes still have to deal with shoddy products. Able to withstand the firey flames of Hell, my ass!" Holding up one finger towards the young woman he belched, the sizzle dancing out of his lips. Pouring another handful of chips into his mouth, he watched her out of the corner of his eye. The hands set on her hips said it all. 
"You know it's rude to stare at someone, right?" a chip flew out of his mouth and scorched the tar in front of him.She let the faintest ghost of a smile across her face. 
"You know it's rude to talk with your mouth full."
Courtesy: Reflective Bookworm
"Staring's worse.'  He munched loudly.  "Read it just the other day...I think on that weird red-headed, lady's blog." 
Those eyebrows of hers danced creatively up and down.  "I'll make a note of that...Miss Manners." 
Flash, stopped stuffing his mouth.  Wearing tights was hard enough.  Some days he really had to 'man' up to squeeze into them. "That was uncalled for!"  A chip dropped from his trembling lip. 
She leaned forward, hands on hips." Oooh! Did I hoitt the wittle super hewoe's feewings?" she asked, head bobbing side to side like a cobra coming in for a kill. 
"Huh?" Flash was so entranced by the darting of her head that her lapse into lisping completely lost him. 
"Here's a flash for ya, little man.  Lay off the chips." She pointed towards the bulge sticking lopsidedly out from the top of his belt. "Your six-pack's pregnant."    
Courtesy: Scarlett Rains
"Take that back!"Tears were welling up in his eyes, but he refused to let them go in front of her.She knew he was an emotional eater, couldn't she see the fire all around them. The destruction was too much for him to bear; another chip found its way into his mouth.
Courtesy: Emily Walker

"First of all, say it, don't spray it." Lottie replied as she wiped a speck of mush off her cheek. "Second of all, it's about time you got moving. You can't just trash the place because you're in a bad mood! Grow up," the Flash stared at her, knowing she was right, and brushed the crumbs from his lips. 
"After everything that's happened today, you want me to just get over it?" the tears finally spilled down his cheeks and Lottie sighed with frustration. “Big baby.”
Courtesy: Reflective Bookworm

Try Some Flash

So here is your flash fiction prompt for today. Have fun with it; don’t be afraid to go anywhere you want with it!
The princess shoved another piece of cloth into her prisoner's mouth. She would make sure he could not speak until she had said what she needed to. Rushing towards him ...
Flash your comments below!  

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